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Welcome to I Architect Systems Wiki (IWiki)!

IWiki is a ASP.NET 2.0/MSAccess derivative of ProntoWiki

You should sign in right away and change the administrator password from the user settings page.  Then, edit this page or change the default page name and create a new home page.  Adding web parts to the main page for users to sign in, perform searches, etc., is optional.

The next step is to create a regular user.  By default, registered users are in the Reader and Editor group and can do everything short of deleting pages.  Normal wiki use should be performed with Editor permissions for the best user experience.

This is a beta release of the product, but it has been tested and is used regularly by the development staff.  It has a rich feature set and should be functional for individuals and small and large groups alike.

For some text formatting tips, please read the instructions.

The site themes and several other settings can be changed by editing the web.config file or using the ASP.NET Web Configuration tool provided through the IIS management snap-in.  Here's a rundown of the basic site settings:

  • pageTitle:  Controls the title of all the pages for the site
  • pageFooter:  Controls the footer text
  • anonymousAccess:  If false, restricts everything but the homepage from unauthenticated users
  • pageListCount:  The max number of pages that will appear on the navbar at the top of the pages
  • pageListDivider: The divider character for the top navbar
  • defaultUserRoles:  A semicolon-separated list of roles that a new user is automatically subscribed to
  • displayPageStats:  Turns on/off some debugging info that is displayed with the rendering of each page
  • maxPageLength: controls the maximum size, in bytes, that a page can be before the content is truncated.
  • numberOfAttachments: controls the number of upload buttons that appear at the bottom of the edit page.


For technical support, please visit the ProntoWiki website at http://prontowiki.sourceforge.net/

I Architect Systems Wiki (IWiki in short) is a derivative of ProntoWiki. For IWiki Technical Support, please contact VRUppugunduri AT msn DOT com

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Basic ProntoWiki Formatting Instructions

All of the formatting commands are available via the "Quick Reference" guide to the right of the page edit window, and can be inserted into the text by s

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ProntoWiki © 2006 Clay Alberty. Project freely redistributable under a BSD license.
IWiki © 2006 Venkatarama R Uppugunduri. All rights are reserved by IArchitectSystems.NET